The climate in Malaysia is generally hot and humid throughout the year. This is also similar to Taman Negara. Abundance with sunshine and warm weather makes Taman Negara an excellent tropical getaway destination that is suitable to be visited all-year-round.

Temperatures in Taman Negara are in the range of 26°C – 35°C during the day and 24°C – 29°C at night. It depends on the amount of rainfall and sunlight on the day.  On average, Taman Negara receives 12 hours sunshine each day.  To make yourself feel comfortable, it is advisable to wear lightweight clothes.

From middle of November until middle of January, the monsoon season often brings more rain to Taman Negara.  Normally, the rain comes in the late afternoon or evening and last for a few minutes. Throughout the period, the park is open for tourists as usual. The park activities are not affected by the rain except the Canopy Walkway. However, the park is closed for tourists if flooded.

The Canopy Walkway is closed during the rain because of the safety reason. The wildlife officer will evaluate the canopy conditions after the rain stops and re-open once they satisfied on the safety aspects.

The weather described above is a general pattern but the actual are unpredictable.  Rain comes and goes, sometimes within minutes and the sun shines again after that. Bottom line – although it rains, you still have FUN.

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