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Teambuilding in Taman Negara

Do you want to have an effective team, better working relationships, understanding and corporation among members?

Do you know why it is important to establish the right process, gather the right people and get them to work for your organization’s benefits?

Do you want to improve your team performance then productivity, revenue, and profits?

CST™ Corporate Team Building

This Corporate Team Building Program is designed to make the employees know more about themselves and understand their team members better. It also helps organisation to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their team thus enabling the management to promote their strengths and train them to overcome their weaknesses.

It is a formal and structured experimental training program. The primary goal is to bring together, staffs from different educational, rank and social backgrounds to a common goal. The key objective in designing a team building program is to grant the experiential learning that moves staffs and organisation towards attaining new desirable results.

CST Corporate Team Building activities are including;

  • Ice breaking
  • Group Formation
  • Corporate Games
  • Team building activities
  • Debriefing

CST Teambuilding activities are mixed with Taman Negara’s activities such as;

  • Night Jungle Walk – See flora & fauna alive at night
  • Jungle Trekking to Bukit Teresek – On clear days you can see Gunung Tahan, 2187M height, the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Canopy Walk – The longest suspension canopy in the world
  • Visiting Kg. Orang Asli – Learn how native people using blow pipe for hunting and making fire using wood & rattan.
  • Rapid Shooting – Shoot 7 rapids by boat and ready to get wet.

FAQ about CST™ Corporate Teambuilding Program

What is Corporate Teambuilding?

Corporate Teambuilding emphasises on learning outcomes. Normally, client has very clear training objectives that match to the company ROI. You need to hire professional trainers or facilitator to lead the formal learning process.

What is CST Team Building?

CST is an acronym of Central Strategic Teambuilders. It is a team of professional and experienced trainers and facilitators. They are one of our associate companies which are assigned to conduct team building program in Taman Negara. To learn more about CST, please click here.

What is the ideal number to participate in CST Team Building Program?

There is no ideal number of participants. The simple equation lies on, the larger number in a group the less amounts you need to pay per pax. We had conducted groups consisting of 40 to 150 pax.

Is CST Team Building suits you?

Yes, if you are from business corporations or government departments.

How about your accommodation?

You can choose either to have your accommodation package at Local Village Resort or Mutiara Taman Negara Resort. Each category has its own amenities and charges at different rates.

What is an ideal budget for my team building program?

Your budget varies. It depends on your type of accommodation, activities and number of days you are in Taman Negara. In general, i.e it starts from RM550.00 per person for 2D1N.

I’m interested in CST™ Team building program and how can I get the proposal?

Please fill up the form and submit to us. We will revert to soon.

Why Teambuilding in Taman Negara ?

Build new team mindset, belief system and culture. Begin the changes in a new and different environment. See, hear, feel and do what you have no opportunity to do in your daily working life.

The combination of adventurous, experimental and fun is the key to achieve the highest impact of this teambuilding program. We believe Taman Negara helps for an effective paradigm shifting and moulding of your new desired team.

Our Teambuilding Learning Modules

Proactive Team

Objectives :

  • Acquire the positive mindset to face the challenges in working environment.
  • Be aware and sensitive of the needs to change their current habits and practices.
  • Motivate themselves to generate effective and better results.
  • Be more confident to execute tasks independently.
  • Stay focus on their responsibilities rather than wasting energy unnecessarily.
  • Propose ideas for improvement rather than complaining and showing dissatisfaction.
  • Energize others to change.

Leadership Team

Objectives :

  • Acquire positive mindset to face challenges in working environment.
  • Be aware and sensitive of the need to change their current habits and practices.
  • Motivate themselves to generate effective and better results.
  • Be more confident to execute tasks effectively.
  • Motivate and inspire others to deliver better results.
  • Take calculated risks in making decision.
  • Energize others through effective managerial skills.
  • Transform not only themselves, but also their people and their processes.

Innovative Team

Objectives :

  • Understand the needs to be innovative.
  • Convince themselves that innovation is a skill which can be enhanced.
  • Be innovative and work as a team to support the organizations business needs.
  • Utilize the tools on how to move out of the thinking box.
  • Generate and propose ideas creatively and innovatively, rather than complaining.
  • Systemize the thinking in order to execute the innovative ideas effectively.
  • Sustain the innovative practices and culture in the organization

Communication Team

Objectives :

  • Smoothen the operations of the organization through effective communication.
  • Enhance the positive mindset and communicate assertively.
  • Develop self professionalism by enhancing their Emotional Quotient (EQ).
  • Utilize the communication tools to minimize human mistakes.
  • Convince others with simple and inspiring communication tools.
  • Enhance team synergy in achieving organizational goals.

Corporate Team

The program objectives will be based on the program framework which will address the following:

Organization Direction :-

i. Understand and internalize the organization strategy through its vision and mission statement.
ii. Able to communicate the organization strategy, vision and mission to colleague, peers, subordinate and others in the organization.

Human Capital :-

iii. Think of the organization first rather that to think for themselves. In other word to remove the silo mentality among the staff with the concept of one for all and all for one.

Team Working :-

iv. To respect each and everyone in the organization, irrespective of what religion, color, background and also status.
v. To have the energy and enthusiasm in order to sustain the team working spirit.

Our Approaches

There are four fundamentally different approaches to improving the level of teamwork in your organization. These are:

Personality-based teambuilding

You will learn about your own personalities and personalities of your fellow team members. The team then uses the results as a basis for discussion, developing action steps, and participating in various development experiences.
The objective of this approach is to make you can understand your team members better. You recognize the differences how your team members perceive make decision, take action and reaction. You learn how to better communicate and deal with each other. This process enhances your team effectiveness.

Activity-based teambuilding

You will carry out challenging tasks in outdoor setting. (e.g. an outdoor adventure, such as white water rafting, mountain climbing, an endurance course, or orang asli survivor skills etc).

You must work together as a team to achieve success. The core values include group problem solving, risk-taking, trust, or paradigm shifting. The objective is to make sure your team understands that the success of working together in a challenging outdoor experience is similar to the real world working team.

The underlying philosophy of this approach is that if team members experience success working together in a challenging outdoor experience, they will then be able to transfer these teamwork lessons to the work setting and become a more effective team.

Skills-based teambuilding

You will participate in activities that require you to learn and practice specific teamwork skills. (e.g. dealing with conflict, reaching group consensus, learning how to give criticism, or running effective team meetings). You can use immediately in the work place.

To get the maximum impact, you and your team members participate together and make commitment to use new tools to improve the team role. The philosophy of the skill-building approach is that the reason groups don’t work together well as a team is because they do not have the necessary skills. Thus, it is important in building better teams is to have teams practice using teamwork skills in facilitated workshop settings, increasing the likelihood they will use these skills in the work setting.

Problem solving-based teambuilding

You will be working together with your team in a retreat setting and led by facilitator. You identify the problem and solve the barriers that your group experiencing.
The rationale with this approach is that the outside facilitator helps your group successfully surface and then address (rather than avoid) the various barriers to team effectiveness.

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