Rules of Team Survival

How to use 7 Jungle Survival Rules to safe in the jungle and real world

Survival means our capability in using knowledge and skills of the jungle to continue living while being saved by others. It requires strategy to reduce or minimize the possibilities or tendency of failures.

In a real daily life or business world it means our ability to sustain and moving from survival to stability, from stability to success, from success to excellent.

Learning and applying the 7 Survival Principles are essential for your personal & corporate success which can’t be thought in any class room. Nature is the best teacher if we are willing to learn from it.

The training modules and activities are developed based on the survival best practices by our experienced outdoor and jungle survival team. The 7 Rules are;

1. Survival Kit (Tools/Utilities)

  • Sufficient gears that are useful whenever you are in an emergency situation.
  • Content must be useful to avoid unnecessary gears at the wrong time.

2. Food/Water Supply

  • Knowledge how to get them.
  • Knowing your surrounding area to get source of food/water
  • Creating fire for cooking food/water

3. Shelter/Bivouac

  • A temporary place for you to get rest/sleeps/cook and covered from strong wind or during a heavy rain and wild animals.
  • Shelter must be strong and able to keep body temperature/heat as long as possible.

4. Navigation

  • Knowledge of using compass with maps or GPS
  • Experience in observing the surrounding natures to get some clues on the right direction to follow.

5. Communication

  • Understand on how to use the Morse Codes for sending messages.
  • Using flags, hand figures and also the smoke for emergency communication request.
  • Knowledge of using Radio to transmit message to others (rescuers)

6. Threats

  • Knowledge how to handle threats by wild animals, humans or natures.
  • Understand them is the best way to manage the situation effectively.

7. Weapon

  • Self defense.
  • Ability to move forward.

FAQ About Team Jungle Survival

Who is the Team Jungle Survival program suitable for?

This program is suitable for;

  • Business organizations
  • Government department
  • NGO
  • University and college students club.

What can I expect from this program?

  • Interact and know your team member better on personal basis.
  • Improve your organization’s team bonding.
  • New sets of knowledge & skills applicable for individual and organization.
  • Enjoy and having fun while learning.

What is the minimum number of participants needed?

  • We require 10 pax minimum.

How long the duration is?

  • The ideal duration is 3D2N. However, we can customize the program to suit your period and objectives.

What are the program methodologies?

  • Adult Learning Approach
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Practical
  • Briefing & Debriefing

I’m interested in Team Jungle Survival program, and how can I get the proposal?

  • Please fill up the form on the right column and submit to us. We will revert to you soon.

About Our Survival Team Leader

Azrul Shahmi Mansur (Jepp®)

He has been certified as an Instructor from the Kem Rekreasi ‐ Level II organized by Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim since 1997. Started his outdoors career and wild experience by actively joining Scouts from 1987 until 1994 (pre‐King Scout and Manik Kayu.

He is also the founder and former President (1st) of the Student Recreation Club (SRC) in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor in 1995 and has a very wide range of experience in organizing recreational and outdoors programs/expeditions (i.e. basic/fundamental courses of camping, trekking, survival, first‐aid, technique trail, orienteering, mountain climbing,

biking/cycling, kayaking, natural/artificial rock climbing, abseiling, aerial runways/flying fox, cave exploration, bamboo/tube rafting and etc.). Graduated in Mechanical Engineering but had been working in IT and M&E Project Management field for more than 13‐years.