Park Info

Park Info

Looking for the right info for you to plan for a holiday is very tedious exercise. One of the common problems, there are too much irrelevant info or information overloaded.

In this section, we assist you by sharing  frequently asked  questions by our guests. We put them in a simple and easy format that help you to understand and plan your trip to Taman Negara. Please see below: –

Where is Taman Negara?

It is located in the central of Peninsular Malaysia and occupying 3 states; Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. It covers estimated 4343 square kilometer of 130 years virgin tropical forest or 7 times larger than Singapore. It’s  about 240 km from Kuala Lumpur and 530 km from Singapore.

How to get there?

There a few options, see below for details:
Shuttle Bus/Van (Click here to know more)
Public Transport (Click here to know more)
Self Drive (Click here to know more)

Is there any age restrictions?

No, there is no age restriction.  You can come either with your baby or your older parents. However you might have some difficulties to do some of your park activities. For example, trekking to Bukit Teresek require some physical fitness. You need to do trekking  about 1.7 km from the Wildlife office to the peak.

I’m worry about mosquitoes, are they a lot in the Taman Negara?

No, you are hardly find them while you are doing the park activities. Why? It is because, Taman Negara is preserved by an ecological balance rainforest and its environment. Inhabitants are control by the law of nature. Mosquitoes are controlled by predators such as dragonflies, frogs, spiders and other insects.

Are there a lot of leeches?

If you don’t like leeches, don’t worry.  It is hard to find them along the popular trail in Taman Negara. It’s seasonal, can be seen more during wet season. Do not panic if you got them and see bleeding come out from your skin.  Just remove it off. It does not hurt or  pain.

How about the insects?

Yes, there are thousands of fabulous insect species in Taman Negara. Many of them have yet to be discovered by the scientists! You may appreciate their existence in so many form, shapes and color. And see how they move and hear their sound.

How can I see wild animals such as tigers, elephants, panther, bear, etc…?

You can see them if you are willing to explore deeper into the rain forest. This is simply because; the wild animals are avoiding human’s presence. However you can see many other animals around Park’s Headquaters in Kuala Tahan  such as monkeys, monitor lizards, wild boars, barking deers, sambar deers, mouse deers, horn bills and etc.

How safe in Taman Negara?

It is a totally safe place to visit! Perhilatan as an authority body manages the Taman Negara has established a complete and comprehensive rules and regulation.  For example, you need to register yourself and get a permit before you can enter into the jungle.

Jungle trekking is wide and comfortable enough for you to walk under the leaf in-between the gigantic trunks.   If you ride a boat, you need to put on a life jacket and the boats are handled by experience crews.
However mishap happened everywhere at any time. Therefore you are advised to take care of you self every moment especially if you come along with a young child.

What are the things to bring?

We suggests you to bring: a good torch light, disposable raincoat, trekking shoes, rubber sandals, insect repellent, waterproof bag.

For inner jungle tour: apart from the above items, it is compulsory for each person to bring a Hiking/Trekking Bag (size 40L and above).

What else should I ask?

You may have more questions than what we have here.  Just ask us! The most convenience through our contact form or email at

We are happy to help.