Lubuk Simpon

Lubuk Simpon

There area many swimming sports in Taman Negara, and Lubuk Simpon is the closest from wildlife HQ, about 500m only. It is located at Sungai Tahan and accessible by 15 – 30 minutes trekking or 5 -10 minutes by boat.

The upstream of Sungai Tahan is in the deepest part of the Taman Negara. There is no human habitation and human activities. Therefore, the water is clean and fresh.  Normally, after the raining days, the color is turning brownish because of minerals and riverbed changes.

The deep of the swimming sports are varies and changing from time to time.  It is better for you to get advise from nature guide if you are not too sure about the depth of the spots.  In general, the darker of the spot surface the deeper of the spot.

The strong under current water need your good ability of swimming skill. For those who are not very confident with their ability or children, you are advised to swim or dip at the shallow area along the riverbank.

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