Lata Berkoh

Lata Berkoh

This is one of the jewels in Taman Negara and the favorite spot for visitors to the park. You can see and photograph the natural beauty of Taman Negara as what have you seen the most promotion photographs were taken.

Lata Berkoh is a spectacular cascade that marks the limit of easy navigability on the river. There are deep pools below the cascade, with strong under-current and very cold water. Please do not swim, it is dangerous!  Just relax and enjoy the rapids from the rocky area while having your picnic lunch.

To get there by wooden boat is always the most popular choice. This is because jungle trekking for 8.5KM from Kuala Tahan is quite tough for ordinary people.

The journey on Sungai Tahan takes about one hour depending on the river level. Sungai Tahan is in many places lined with huge, leaning Neram trees, forming an archway over the water, their trunks and branches festooned with ferns and orchids.

The boats stop about 500M away from the cascade.  Then you need to walk through easy walking path leads along the river bank to the cascade.

After you have satisfied yourself with Lata Berkoh, it’s time for you to go back downstream. Keep your eyes and ears open during your journey. Appreciate the sound of the natural jungle habitat and see kingfishers, fish-eagles, straw-headed bulbuls etc.

The boat is under the management of the Wildlife department. To secure your boat, please book in advance because the boats are limited.  The rate is RM240.00 per boat for 4 persons. Sometimes, you may get the boat services available from village people.

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