Gua Telinga

Gua Telinga

Note: Temporarily close due to the safety factors of the cave structure.

Expect to crawl in the dark, and get wet as you squeeze through the underground river tunnel. It is an adventure exploration engages you to find a real underground world. Gua Telinga which has a rock formation like a human ear gives you a totally unforgettable life experience.

Taman Negara has done all the best to protect the beauty of limestone formations for us. You can explore and enjoy the limit less amazing flora and fauna of tropical limestone caves in Taman Negara.  Among the popular caves are Gua Telinga, Gua Kepayang Kecil, Kepayang Besar, Gua Luas, Gua Landak, Gua Tumpat, Gua Siput, Gua Cemara, and Gua Peningat. All of them is unique of its own.

It is great to explore all caves in Taman Negara, however, it may take a number of weeks to do it. Therefore, if you don’t have enough time, go for Gua Telinga exploration. In general, it represents the criterial of other caves in Taman Negara. The cave formation is like a human ear – that is why it’s called Gua Telinga or Ear Cave. Located 2.6 km from Wildlife HQ, Gua Telinga can be reached by trekking via Tenor Trail. Wear proper clothing with a pair of good grip shoes including safety helmet. Bring along  your torch light too.

You may find at least six kinds of cave species in Gua Telinga. They are namely as follows:-

  • Roundleaf bat ( Hipposideros larvatus )
  • Dusky fruit bat ( Penthetor lucasi )
  • Giant toad ( Bufo asper )
  • Black-striped frog ( Rana nigrovittata)
  • Whip-spider ( Stygophrynus sp)
  • Cave cricket ( Diestrammena sp)
  • Long-legged centipedes
  • Cockroaches ( coloured rich burgundy-red and pale blue )
  • Cave racer snake (Elaphetaeniura).
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