Buy Bus Tickets Online

Buy Your Bus Ticket Online

You can travel across Malaysia and Singapore by bus.  This traveling mode is suitable if you consider to save some money on your journey (cheaper option). However, please take note you might require a longer traveling time to a destination if compared to other transportation options.

To check your route and buy the bus ticket, we suggest you go to the followings portals;

  1. (with 10% Promotion)

How to Buy Bus Ticket Online?

Quick & fast! You can do in a few simple steps.  Below are the guides line how you can check &  buy a ticket via

Step 1 – Search your route

Enter your Departure City – i.e Kuala Lumpur
Enter your Arrival City – i.e Taman Negara
Choose either One-way or Return
Choose your date.
Click the search icon

Step 2 – Choose your seat

See your search result
Click on “Select” button (your preferable operator & time)
See the seats layout
Click on the seat number and click “Next”
Please take note, some bus operator do not offer seat choosing option

Step 3 – Fill your details & method of payment

Fill in passenger’s details.
Make sure all the details are correct before making payment.
Click “Pay Now”.

Choose method of payment

  • Choose Credit/Debit Card to make payment by Visa & Mastercards
  • Choose Online Banking to make payment by online banking
  • Choose Paypal Payment to make payment by PayPal
  • Click Pay Now

If your payment is successful, a confirmation email with ticket information and boarding code shall be sent to you.

Print the email that contains your route information and boarding code. This printed is required when you want to get your ticket at the bus operator counter

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