Bumbun Tahan (Tahan Hide)

Bumbun Tahan (Tahan Hide)

There are a few bumbun or hides in Taman Negara for animals observation activities.  One of the most visited hide is Bumbun Tahan, just 200 meter from Wildlife HQ or about 10 – 15 min trekking distance. Built with concrete structure, with about 3 story building height, it is safe to observe the wild animals from the hide.

The hide is located facing to the salt lick. The salt lick attracts wildlife animals especially at night. Animals use mineral salts to supplement their nutrition, ensuring they get enough mineral in their diets. The salt lick is a sort of rally point where we can observe lots of wildlife. Among popular animals observed at Bumbun Tahan salt lick are reindeers. Other animal can bee seen such as wild boar, tapir, porcupine and monitor lizard.

You have an opportunity to experience the animal observation from this hide if you are participating in the night walk activity. You are not allowed to stay for overnight in this hide.

Other hides in Taman Negara: –

  • Bumbun Tabing
  • Bumbun Cagar Anjing
  • Bumbun Blau
  • Bumbun Yong