Accommodation in Taman Negara

Accommodation choices are quite limited in Taman Negara compared to other popular tourists attractions such as in Cameron Highlands or Perhentian Islands etc. In general, we categorise the accommodations in higher, middle and lower budget category.

  • Higher budget – Mutiara Taman Negara Resort
  • Middle budget or Local Village Resort
  • Lower budget or Local Village

Most of the accommodations are located in Kuala Tahan and within a walking distance to the boat crossing jetty to Taman Negara.

Higher Budget – Mutiara Taman Negara Resort 

This is the only resort located in Taman Negara. It’s considered as the best place to stay while you are visiting Taman Negara. Built in between the two rivers outfall, Sungai Tembeling and Sungai Tahan. You can choose either to stay in a bungalow, chalet, hostel and dormitory.

Seri Mutiara Restaurant serves a buffet spread of Malaysian delicacies and international favourites. Other dining options include light snacks and refreshing beverages at Cricket Bar.

Begin your adventure at your doorstep or veranda of your room. This is a perfect perch especially for nocturnal sightings. Sighting wildlife outside the chalet is a norm and the fruit season attracts the most number of wildlife, from the mischievous long tailed macaques, the beautiful chestnut-breasted malkoha and the thorny porcupine to the gentle slow loris.

This is the most sought after accommodation by those who wants to stay in the  higher quality resort and the best location in National Park. The rooms are always sold out especially on peak season.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

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Middle Budget or Local Village Resort 

The resorts are owned and operated by established business entities. They are are managed by professional managers, which are well equipped with proper facilities.

They have appropriate reception counter, kitchen & dining area, meeting hall and etc. The compounds are well designed with proper landscape and parking space.

The resorts are located in Kampung Kuala Tahan area, and takes about 10 – 15 minutes walking distance to Kuala Tahan Jetty, the gateway to Taman Negara.  These middle budget resorts are suitable for individual, family and group stay.

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Lower Budget or Local Village 

The properties are owned and operated by the individual owner. Under this accommodation category you can stay at hostel or motel or guesthouse and etc. It is popular among budget travellers and backpackers.

Each property normally has small number of rooms. They have basic facilities, just to caters your basic stay. In general, the Local Village offers the lowest price room in Taman Negara.

Local Village Rooms – Self Booking

There are a few accommodations which you can do self booking online. To check availability and book, click here :-

Please take note, the above accommodations are not in our room pool (tour packages).

Where to stay before your trip to Taman Negara?

Plan your accommodation, based on your where is your tour start. As a guide, check below: –

Start from Kuala Lumpur

We provide daily shuttles from Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut and Kuala Tembeling, Taman Negara. The shuttles depart at 8:30am from Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. There are many hotels around this area which are in walking distance to the pick up point. Check it out and book now.

Pick up service from your hotels is available if you buy a few types of packages i.e. Day Tour, Elephant sanctuary and etc. This services is available if you stay in a hotel within Kuala Lumpur city center. Check some of them – here.

Start from Jerantut

Jerantut is the nearest town to Taman Negara. You can get there by shuttle bus or public transport (bus, taxi) or self-drive from Kuala Lumpur or any other cities in Malaysia -Train services are currently not in service.

You need a transfer service by boat from Kuala Tembeling or by public land transport (bus or taxi) to Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara. Check your estimated time arrival in Jerantut to make sure the connecting transfer services are still available on the day.

If you need a place to stay before continuing your journey to Taman Negara, find a hotel in Jerantut. Check them here.

Where to stay after your trip to Taman Negara?

From Taman Negara or Jerantut, you can continue your trip to any destinations in Malaysia. Find out and book your room now.