About Cameron Highlands

Attractions in Cameron Highlands


Discover the unique plant with no leaves, no roots, and  no stem. It is perhaps the largest and  rarest flower in the world. Unfortunately, it is on the verge of extinction. Rafflesia is also one of the world’s most distasteful plants, designed to imitate rotting meat or dung.

The flower begin blooming at night and start to decompose only two to three days later. The time from bud emergence to flowering is six to nine months. Male and female flowers must be open simultaneously for pollination to occur, hence successful pollination and fruit production are quite rare.

Cameron Highlands in one of the places you can find Rafflesia in the world beside Borneo and Sumatra. There is not predictable of blooming season for this flower. Therefore, only who are lucky enough can see this flower.

Mossy Forest

The mossy forest have grown naturally at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands due to perfect condition of mist and moisture. It offers the best view for nature lovers. The best part is that you are able to explore this forest through a boardwalk of 2km ensuring safety and reducing the chance of slipping. However, the drive up to the Mossy Forest before the start of the walk is a challenging one.

Mossy Forest is a must go place in Cameron Highlands. The jungle has immense variety of vegetation. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of fog, clouds, and green mossy jungle.

Strawberry Farms

Strawberry picking is also another activity available in Cameron Highlands, with a few strawberry farms available. These farms allow you to pick strawberries and if you would like to bring some home, you can later weigh the strawberries at the weighing station on your way out. The farms also sell strawberry-based products like ice cream, cake and candy.

Tea Plantations

There are a few tea plantations on the highlands, such as BOH and Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation. The great scenery complements the great taste of tea offered at the cafe which is perfect for relaxation. Walk through the trails and get close up to the plants.

Bee Farms

There are 3 bee farms in Cameron Highlands. They are located in Ringlet, Brinchang and Tringkap. These farms vary slightly in terms of size and scale of honey production. They produce a range of mouth-watering honey and derivative products such as honeycomb.

Brinchang Night Market

The night market situated in Brinchang sets up from about 3pm until late evening. Selling fresh natural produce and a variety of food at a cheap price, the Brinchang Night Market is a good place to spend the evening. However, being held at an open space, we have to be prepared if it rains.

Thompson Falls

Located at Tanah Rata, Thompson Falls is a must visit with a spectacular view to enjoy. With market stalls nearby selling souvenirs and local produce making it an excellent visit.