Where is Taman Negara ?

Taman Negara is located at the central part of Peninsular Malaysia with total coverage area of 4343 km square. It occupies three (3) states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu. Pahang is the largest coverage land area with 2,477 km square, followed by Kelantan, 1,043 km square and Terengganu 853 km square.

There are 3 entrances to Taman Negara namely (1) Kuala Tahan, Jerantut, (2) Sungai Relau, Merapoh (3) Kuala Koh, Gua Musang. Kuala Tahan is the 1st opened and most popular gateway to Taman Negara, among local and international tourists.

Kuala Tahan is about 240 km from Kuala Lumpur city center or estimated 3 h 30 min – 4 h driving. Road system connects Kuala Tahan to and from Jerantut, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Kota Bharu and Pulau Pinang.

The train system (also known as Jungle Train) connects Jerantut to and from Kluang, Johor and Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The train is popular transportation mean for many travelers from Singapore. Traveler embark from Johor Bahru train station, and disembark at Jerantut Station, then pursue to Taman Negara. 

Boat system connects to and from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan via Sungai Tembeling. It takes 2hr 30min - 3hr boat ride to the destinations.