Transportation is one of your major cost components in your trip to Taman Negara. Therefore, plan your journey ahead, choose available transportation modes that suit your budget and time most.

Taman Negara is connected to and from cities and towns within network of transportation system throughout Peninsular Malaysia via road, train and river. Due to it locality, travel modes to Taman Negara is limited compared to other popular tourists destination in Malaysia.  There are a few popular transportation means chosen by tourists to Taman Negara, and they are as follows: –

  1. Public Transport (Bus Services)  – To learn more, click – here
  2. Shuttle Services (Bus/Van/Boat) – To learn more, click – here
  3. Self Drive  – To learn more, click – here

Travel to Taman Negara is much easier compared to 5 years back. With unlimited information, you can get online, makes easy for you to plan your trip. You can book or buy tickets for most of the services, online  before your tour dates. Mobile devices with latest apps such as Google Map, Waze and HERE make you journey safer and enjoyable.