Taman Negara Endau Rompin – Selai

About Taman Negara Endau Rompin – Selai

How to get there


Take the North-South Highway and exit at the Yong Peng north Interchange. Head for Chaah, Segamat about 20 minutes drive away. About 4km after Chaah, take a right turn (follow the road sign) and head towards Bekok, which is another 15 minutes away.

From Bekok, follow the road sign and head for Sungai Bantang (7km from Bekok). Go past the turn-off and carry on driving for approximately another 20km. The road will take you through an oil palm estate and pass several re-settled Orang Asli villages to the park site office at Kampung Selai (about 1 hr 30 minutes from Bekok)

Upon registration at the park site office, you will be guided into the park by member of the staff. Visitors are allowed to drive their vehicle to the park campsite in Lubuk Merekek and to the Base Camp at Lubuk Tapah.



By Train – From KL/JB : diserembak at Bekok. Here a pre-booked transport operator will ferry you into the park.

By Express Bus – From KL/JB : diserembak at Yong Peng, then take a local bus or taxi to Bekok Town (Pekan Bekok), where a pre-booked transport operator will ferry you into the park.

Selai is not an experience for the faint-hearted. It is ideal for the specialist visitor who is seeking to rough it out. Facilities are therefore basic but adequate.




Facilities At Lubuk Tapah Base Camp

Park’s Office, Information Gallery, Multipurpose, Hall, Cafetaria, Standard Chalet, FamilyChalet, Dormitory, Arboretum, Activity Area, Cabins.


Facilities At Lubuk Merekek Camp Site

Open Camping Area, Common Bathroom / Flush Toilets, Cooking Area


Places of Interest

  • Takah Tinggi Waterfalls
  • Takah Berangin Waterfall
  • Takah Pandan
  • Takah Tempa’ang
  • Arboretum
  • Lubuk Tapah Base Camp
  • Lubuk Merekek Camp Site





How to change from “I” toward “We” mindset, working in silos to working in a team?

Team building is the answer! It inculcates the team spirit.

Shares missions and moving towards your common goals. Leverages strengths to solve your problems and become top performance organization.


Types of Team Building Program


Type 1

  • Without professional trainer
  • Nature guide leads the park activities
  • No pen, paper, and lecture
  • Self-learning through experiential park activities
  • Park activities: –
    • Night Jungle Walk
    • Trekking to Waterfalls
    • River Tubing
    • Jungle Survival


Type 2

  • With Professional Teambuilding Trainer
  • Trainer designs the training modules
  • Trainer leads the program on Day 1 only
  • Corporate games are carried out indoor or outdoor
  • Trainer conduct briefing sessions
  • Nature guide leads all park activities
  • Park activities are shown on itinerary

Get your proposal by filling up the Booking Inquiry Form.

Notes: We engage professional team building trainer to deliver Team Building Type 2



If you are ready to change from having an ordinary meeting environment (i.e. in a busy city hotel) to a different meeting ambiance, Taman Negara is the perfect venue for you to choose.

Either it’s an annual meeting, problem solving, decision-making, planning, feedback, brainstorming or combination meeting, Taman Negara offers new and exciting meeting experience for you.

Accomplish your meeting objectives at the same time enjoy the nature and activities in the world’s oldest rainforest.

Over the years, we have organized meeting packages for government departments, corporations, clubs, NGOs, and etc.  Plan for your meeting package now!



There are many valid reasons why you should go for camping. The experience of sleeping in a tent, sitting around a campfire under the sky, looking up at the stars and listening to the sounds of the night open your mind to self and nature awareness.  These help you to release your stress, restore your mind and spirits.

The activity is popular among students, a group of working adults, colleague of a department, project team members and etc.


Camping is for you, if you want to: – 

  1. Free from hectic of city life
  2. Escape routines of ordinary life, and return to nature
  3. Spend quality time with colleague and team members
  4. Improve bonding spirit among participants
  5. Have fun cooking and eating outdoor
  6. Discover and appreciate mother nature
  7. Learn new skills