There are more than 30 interesting places you can go and so many activities you can do in Taman Negara.
If you want a different from our standard package, i.e Climbing Gunung Tahan, Fishing Kelah in Kenian, Deep in Jungle Survivor Activities; contact us to create your customize package.

How to create your personalized itinerary with us?


First Step : Decide upon an itinerary and activities

  • Where do you want to go?
  • How much time do you have (dates)
  • How many people in your group

Second Step: Vehicles

Depending on how many people in your group and where you wish to travel may determine that type vehicle used. For full information about available vehicles, please contact us.

Third Step: Accommodation

What type of accommodation do you want to experience? There are wide varieties of accommodation such as chalet, resort and hostel.

For description of accommodation, please click here.

Fourth Step: Meals

Groups can opt for Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners. Our emphasis is on fresh food wherever possible and our meals are nutritious and varied.

Last Step: Contact us

Now all you have to do is email us on with all your information and we will put together a quote and itinerary based on your group requirements.