If you love Taman Negara, you will definitely like the other nature beauty destinations in Malaysia. Choose the following packages to complete your Malaysian adventure exploration.


Introduction to Sarawak

From pristine underwater marine life and untouched coral reefs to rich heritage and from wilderness to modern city landscape, Sarawak is a potpourri of experiences appreciated by travellers from all over the world. Head into Sarawak’s interiors and your heartbeat will flutter at the fascinating and enchanting dances of the multi-ethnic tribes living harmoniously with each other.

Indeed, Sarawak is home to 28 ethnic groups; each with its own distinct language, culture and lifestyle. The Ibans form the major ethnic group on this land with about 30.1 per cent of the total population for the year 2000 census. The Chinese who generally live in the cities are the second largest group at 26.7 per cent, followed by the Bidayuh, Melanau and other native tribes of Sarawak. The Malays also constitute a large portion (23 per cent) of the population as well, mainly concentrated along the coast.

Sarawakians practise a variety of religions, including Islam, Christianity, Chinese folk religion (a fusion of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and ancestor worship), Baha’i and animism. Many converts to Christianity among the Dayak people also continue to practice traditional ceremonies, particularly with dual marriage rites and during the important harvest and ancestral festivals such as Gawai Dayak and Gawai Antu.

Most parts of Sarawak are coastal and mountainous. This has contributed to the large expanse of rainforests and raging rivers. In Sarawak, the nature is well preserved and the river is the heart of transportation for the rural Sarawak people. Sarawak holds some of the most valuable natural treasure in the world. There are also many national parks to visit and explored.

Sarawak is a land of natural wonder and culture. What makes Sarawak so different from others is the people itself. Sarawak can’t stand alone without its people. They will always welcome you to their land and experience the best of nature and hospitality.


Places of Interest

Gunung Mulu National Park

muluThe largest national park in Sarawak, the Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dominated by three mountains – Gunung Mulu, Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat. Spanning 52,865 hectares of primary rainforest, Mulu is dotted with swiftly flowing rivers, vertical cliffs and jungle streams.




Sarawak Cultural Village

scvThe Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning living museum that allows you to experience Sarawak in all its cultural glory, providing information and demonstrations of different tribal lifestyles. This village is also called the ‘Living Museum’ because natives live in the house and make handicrafts.




Long House Tour

longhouseLonghouses are the traditional homes of Sarawak’s indigenous groups. Each tribe has their own style of design but the overall shape and architecture remain the same. Basically, a longhouse constitutes a series of interconnecting rooms built on stilts, covered by one roof and a verandah for communal activities. Visitors who come will be greeted by a glass of rice wine or ‘tuak’ and entertained with a welcome dance. There are also options to spend the night in a longhouse.