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Sungai Tembeling Fishing Package

Taman Negara is a fishing paradise for anglers. The popular months for fishing are during drier season in February to September. Challenge your fishing skills at selected fishing spots along Sungai Tembeling. The pristine water with all sorts of aquarium-quality fish are waiting for you.

Among the popular catches are Kelah (Red Mahseer),Patin, Baung, Gohok, Tenggalan, Lampam, Krai  and Tapah. Our full time guide will be with you to make your fishing experience worth.

Choose your preferred package at three different fishing spots along Sungai Tembeling as below;

Fishing Spots 2D1N
(Min 3 Pax)
(Min 3 Pax)
(Min 3 Pax)
Boat riding from Kuala Tahan (Hrs)
Lubuk Kelembai RM 200/pax RM 240/pax RM 280/pax 15 min
Lubuk Lompat RM 350/pax RM 390/pax RM 430/ pax 45 min
Kuala Keniam RM 430/pax RM 480/pax RM 520/pax 1.5 hrs


Sungai Keniam Fishing Package
Experience one of the most fishing exotic spots in Malaysia along Sungai Keniam.  The fishing spots along the fascinating river are very deep in the jungle and far from human habitation. It takes you estimated 2.5 – 5 hours boat riding from Kuala Tahan. 
The main attractions for anglers to go for Sungai Keniam fishing are Kelah (Malaysian Red Mahseer, greater brook carp, Tor Tambroides), Sebarau (Malaysian jungle perch, Hampala Macrolepidota) and Toman.  
Choose your preferred package at four different fishing spots along Sungai Keniam as below;

Fishing Spots 3D2N
(Max 3 Pax)
(Max 3 Pax)
Boat riding from Kuala Tahan (Hrs)
Kuala Perkai RM 1,800.00/boat RM 2,300.00/boat 2.5 hrs
Rincing RM 1,800.00/boat RM 2,300.00/boat 3 hrs
Rawa RM 1,800.00/boat RM 2,300.00/boat 3.5 hrs
Lata Said RM 1,800.00/boat RM 2,300.00/boat 5 hrs


Package inclusive
Fishing bait
Camp site
Cooking equipment
Foods - Rice, vegetable, sardine (canned), anchovy (canned), onion, chili, soya bean sauce,     chili sauce, cooking oil, tea, coffee, sugar, and condensed milk. Vegetable is supplied for 1st day only.

Package exclude
Fishing gear
Camping gear
Entry permit (RM1.00 per pax)
Camera permit (RM5.00 per camera)
Fishing license (RM10.00 per rod)

Fishing package itinerary - 4D3N
8:30am            Meeting our guide at Kuala Tahan Jetty
9:00am            Registration at the authority counter; obtain entry permit, camera & fishing license
9:30am            Depart to fishing spot from Kuala Tahan Jetty to Sungai Keniam (5 - 8 hrs boat riding)
1:00pm            Lunch (packed lunch - on your own)
3:00pm           Estimated arrival at fishing spot
                            Set up tent
                            Start fishing
7:00pm           Dinner

8:30am            Breakfast
9:30am            Fishing
12:00pm         Lunch
1:00pm            Fishing
7:00pm           Dinner

8:30am            Breakfast
9:00am            Fishing
12:00pm         Lunch
1:00pm           Fishing
7:00pm          Dinner

8:30am            Breakfast
9:00am            Fishing
12:00pm          Lunch
1:00pm            Depart from finishing spot for Kuala Tahan (5 - 8 hrs boat riding)
6:00pm         Arrive at Kuala Tahan Jetty and your fishing package end


Fishing package itinerary - 3D2N
Day 1 – Similar to Day 1 package 4D3N
Day 2 – Similar to Day 2 package 4D3N
Day 3 - Similar to Day 4 package 4D3N

Fishing package itinerary - 2D1N
Day 1 – Similar to Day 1 package 4D3N
Day 2 - Similar to Day 4 package 4D3N



Please bear in mind the above itinerary is tentative, actual time and activities are subject to the site conditions. Our boatman & guide may advise you while you are on board.
Prohibited Goods – You are not allowed to bring the following items on your fishing trip.  Spot check will be carried out by Wildlife Department prior issuing the entry permit and fishing license.

  • Fishing net
  • Explosive materials
  • Car battery
  • Firearms

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