Canopy Walkway

This is an iconic of Taman Negara, regarded as the world's longest canopy walkway. This is a must do activity in Taman Negara and you should never miss to do it. This suspension bridge is built 530 meters long and 40 meter above ground level is one of the main attractions for local and international tourists to Taman Negara. 

Located about 1.7 km from Wildlife HQ, you can reach the site, 20 – 45 min trekking or 5 – 10 minutes by boat. The structure spans across the trees and connected by trunks from start to end. From the top of the platform, you will enjoy the scenic view of Taman Negara, flora and fauna. 

The canopy walkway is under full supervision of wildlife department. Rules and regulations are imposed to ensure the safety of the tourists. It is open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm however closed on the raining day.