Bumbun Kumbang (Kumbang Hide)

Bumbung Kumbang or Kumbang Hide is located about 11 km by trekking via Sg Tembeling Trail (Kuala Tahan – Bukit Indah – Kuala Teranggan – Kumbang Hide). Alternative route is via Kuala Tahan – Lubuk Lesong – Kumbang Hide trail, about 10.9 km trekking distance. This hide is popular among tourists who want to experience real inner jungle. 

If want to shorten your trekking distance, or time, go by boat to Kuala Terenggan, then trekking to Kumbang Hide which just take 45 minutes – 1 hour 45 minutes. 

Bumbun Kumbang is one of the best places to overnight and observe wildlife at night. Among those being observed such as Seladang (Gaur), Tapir, and Dear etc. The hide can accommodate up to 8 persons and attached with bathroom.