5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Trip to Malaysia

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Plan for a trip is a daunting task for many. But for regular travelers, planning a trip is where the excitements of traveling began. A few years back, planning for a trip was a professional full time job by travel consultant or a travel agency. Time has changed; with unlimited information online, you can plan your own trip.

Followings are the important questions before you start your trip planning. The answers shall determine the whole plan of your trip.

How many days you want to be in Malaysia?
How much money you want to spend during your trip?
How many places you want to explore and discover?
What is your transportation mode? bus or self drive?
Where to stay?

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Following are the easy steps to plan for your trip: –

STEP 1 – Design your trip itinerary

This is a very basic and where you should begin. Remember, it’s very important step to make your trip success or otherwise. There are so many places you should not miss, things you should see and activities you should do, during your trip to Malaysia. Therefore, plan nicely and put them on your itinerary.

It is impossible to have the whole things in single trip. The best is, choose what you wanted most from your trip to this country. The destinations you wanted to be and duration at the place. Include them in your itinerary. Make sure, total duration of your stay at the places is equal to your overall duration plan to visit Malaysia.

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STEP 2 – Get your air ticket

First thing you should do after finalizing your itinerary is buying your air ticket. This is critical step for you to take. Without the air ticket, the whole plan of your trip to Malaysia, demise. Take note, many carriers offer special promotion fee, which you can make a lot of saving by purchasing it at the right time.

Visit the airline company’s website regularly to find, when is the time to purchase the ticket. Alternatively, compare the prices on popular content provider site such as Expedia (click here) and book from the best price offered by providers.

Enter Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the main international air hub connecting Malaysia to the world. Other International Airports are Penang, Langkawi, Malacca, and Senai. Select your arrival and departure airports based on your tour route.

STEP 3 – Book your room

Malaysia has wide range of accommodations such as hotel, hostel, apartment, resort, guesthouse and homestay. In Kuala Lumpur alone, more than 1000 hotels listed online.
Find your best hotel that suit your traveling budget and style from more than 4750 hotels in Malaysia. Check it out now!

Set your selecting criteria want before searching online i.e. its location, price and your specials preferable needs. Choose your accommodation based on your travel style i.e. if you a backpacker, hostel is an ideal place for you to consider, but if you come with family or group of friends, apartment will be a better choice. Learn more about the property by reading what others say about the place on the guest reviews sections.

STEP 4 – Get your transportation

Journey always occupying most of your total holiday time. However, if you do a proper plan, you can save a lot of time on the road and spend more precious time at your destinations. Plan carefully your transportation modes from where you touch the Malaysian ground to your planned destinations.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is connected to city center by taxi, bus, private transfer and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) while other airports are by bus and taxi system. From the airport, go to city center or straight to your hotel or tour destination.

Most of the popular tourists destinations in Malaysia are linked with proper transportation network system. You can travel either by public transport, shuttle services or self drive from city to your destination.

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STEP 5 – Book your tour package

Get the most out of your holidays at the destinations by doing the activities. Learn, what are the activities available at the site, and choose what you want to do. If you want to have a smooth and proper plan activities, buy the tour packages from local travel agency. Otherwise, just be a free and easy traveler, and buy the activity package on site. If you want to plan for activities before leaving your home and ease your mind during your journey, buy the tour package and activities online in advance.

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