Accommodation – Local Village Resort

Local Village Resorts

The resorts are accessible by road and by boat from Kuala Lumpur. They are located in Kuala Tahan and about 10 – 15 minutes walking distance to Kuala Tahan Jetty. The resorts are popular among locals and international tourists who are looking for comfortable with  reasonable budget. There are ample space for parking at resorts compound if you self drive to Taman Negara. The resorts are suitable for family and group stay.

There are few types of accommodation arranging from timber bungalows, timber  & concrete chalet, and dormitory. Type of rooms are from single, twin, triple, quad and eight sharing in a room.  The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, private toilet with hot & cold shower, TV, and coffee/tea maker. Internet connection is available at cafe and reception area.

For group event i.e teambuilding or corporate meeting, the resorts offer comprehensive facilities such as meeting hall, conference room, dining area, and surau.  Earlier booking confirmation is required to secure rooms for group.